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Dr. Terry E. Riemer, PhD EE
1617 Belmont Place
Metairie, LA 70001-3716, USA
Phone: (504) 484-7173

Custom Sweep Alignment of Vintage FM Tuners for the Audiophile
*Specializing in H.H. Scott, Fisher, McIntosh, and Studer/Revox*

H.H. Scott: 335, 350, 310E, 4310  McIntosh: MR-65, MR-67, MR-71, MR-77, MR-78, MR-80, MPI-4

Precision custom sweep alignment of vintage FM Tuners (Vacuum Tube or Solid State) using the finest laboratory alignment equipment is available from Sigtekaudio©, with over thirty-five years of FM tuner alignment experience.

Tuner performance is optimized during the alignment process with respect to RF/IF/FM detector phase linearity and Multiplex (MPX) stereo decoder performance by ensuring maximum channel separation and minimum audio distortion. Complete measured performance specifications are provided, usually substantially exceeding original manufacturer specifications.

If your tuner is worth restoring, it is worth having a precision custom alignment to enjoy its full potential.

Now offering tuner & amplifier repair, restoration, and upgrades.
Please contact me by phone or E-mail for a price quotation.


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